women's detox centers Countless people worldwide are struggling with addiction every day. For many, asking for help and beginning a detox program can be a daunting first step. For women, addiction can be a silent or hidden aspect of their life. Often overwhelmed by the specific pressure women face at home and in the office, drug and alcohol abuse is increasingly common. Luckily, there are many local resources right here in Houston, like Serenity House Detox Center, that can help you or a woman you love begin detox and recovery. While many women attempt to detox at home, quitting any addictive substance, cold turkey increases the risk of relapse. Houston women’s detox centers can provide medical, emotional, and often spiritual support to ease symptoms and monitor any adverse side effects of detox.

What Is a Women’s Only Detox Center?

Women’s only detox centers exist all over the country. These centers bring women together in safe and comfortable rehab facilities to offer support throughout recovery. Many women feel more comfortable throughout detox and recovery when surrounded by other women. These opportunities for solidarity show women they are not alone in addiction. For many, addiction stems from trauma related to violence, trauma, or sexism unique to the female experience. Here are some services in women’s only detox centers:

  • • Group therapy provides women solidarity and freedom to be themselves in a way they may not be able to at home or around men and children.
  • • Medically assisted detox and recovery may use prescription drugs or supplements to ease detox symptoms and prevent health complications from cold turkey detox.
  • • Nutrition counseling helps women focus on their own nutritional needs to aid recovery without the pressure of feeding a family.
  • • Various therapeutic modalities like equine, EMDR, art, dance, mindfulness training therapy provide diverse types of support.

Women’s detox centers may provide a more comfortable and nurturing environment for women beginning their recovery journey. They can also be a place that creates and fosters long-lasting friendships with other women in recovery. Often, bonding with other women who put sobriety first can help women transition back to their busy home lives more easily and prevent relapse.

What to Look for in Women’s Detox Centers

Looking for detox centers here in Houston may feel overwhelming. When looking for women-only detox centers, the top things to consider should be cost, accessibility, and services offered. If you need immediate assistance or are currently attempting to quit cold turkey alone, please seek immediate medical attention. If a woman you know needs support and is ready to begin detox from drugs or alcohol, local centers like Serenity House Detox Center offer women’s only programs coupled with various therapies.

If you or your loved ones need more support to find compassionate and safe detox care, know that Houston has many resources. Always look for centers that include after-care to reduce relapse and help you or your loved one transition from detox and rehab back to their busy lives. Never trust a facility that boasts quick fixes, and always look for facilities with multiple types of therapy to choose from. When entering a detox program, it’s often hard to know which modes of therapy will work best for you.

Get into a Women’s Detox Center in Houston Today!

Whether you or another woman in your life is ready to begin recovery with medically assisted drug and alcohol detox, know that Houston has your back! Admitting you’re reading to ask for help is always the first and often hardest step in recovery. Centers like Serenity House Detox Center are here to support Houston residents in every stage of recovery from detox to post-rehab care. Today is your day to begin detox and recovery!