What’ll it take to quit your substance abuse? A Houston detox center could have the answer. You’ve already tried everything else. Here’s what to look for in good-quality Houston drug detox centers.

A Full Continuum of Care Prevents Early Relapse

The biggest challenge after leaving a Houston drug detox center is an early relapse. You finish the program. After seven to ten days, you succeed in breaking a physiological addiction. Then you exit the facility.

Therapists have only started working with you on trigger responses. Besides that, you still don’t have the coping skills you need to manage stressors. It’s not unusual for people to fall back into old habits right after detox. This doesn’t have to be you.

Excellent facilities offer detox and rehab on the same campus. As you finish one set of treatments, you seamlessly slide into the next curriculum. Most importantly, you don’t have the limbo period without any treatment. Therefore, you’re in a better position to avoid an early setback.

What to Look for in Houston Drug Detox Centers That Also Offer Rehab

One of the most important aspects is a variety of treatment options. Customization ensures that you receive the care that’s unique to your needs. A more generalized approach will do little good. Instead, it might have you leave without undergoing the personal growth you need.

A good example is the availability of motivational enhancement therapy. This modality is instrumental in helping people with ambivalence about undergoing care. You work side by side with a counselor who enables you to create a plan of action. Because you’re now in the driver’s seat of your life, you develop excitement about making positive changes.

Other treatment options to look for at a Houston alcohol detox center that also offers drug treatments vary. Examples include:

  • Medical supervision of the withdrawal process to avoid pain and discomfort
  • Psychotherapy in groups and one-on-one settings
  • Meditation that assists with stress management techniques and leads to mindfulness training
  • Behavioral therapeutic interventions for emotional regulation and dysfunctional pattern change
  • Trauma treatment via EMDR and similar approaches to assist participants with unresolved situations from the past

More and more rehab facilities now also offer pain management strategies. Because so many people check in with opioid addictions, there’s a need to handle the physical discomfort they experience. If you grapple with this issue, it’s vital to check into a detox and rehab facility that meets this need. Failure to do so might lead to a later relapse when you need to use painkillers again.

Can You Detox on Your Own?

It’s tempting to tell yourself that you can handle the drug or alcohol addiction all on your own. If you were able to do so, there’s a good chance that you’d have already quit. The problem is the emotional compulsion to keep using as well as the withdrawal symptoms that have you going back out. Working with one of the full-continuum Houston drug detox centers is your best bet.

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