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You don’t want to keep waking up to withdrawal symptoms that only a drink can stop. Therefore, you decide to seek a Houston detox center for help. You know that you’re powerless to quit drinking on your own. What should you look for when choosing from the many Houston alcohol detox centers in your area?

Inpatient Treatment’s a Must

Don’t choose any outpatient Texas drug detox program. Although it’s tempting to do so, consider the danger that alcohol withdrawal presents. A small percentage of individuals will experience delirium tremens. Besides that, there’s the risk of seizures and hallucinations.

This isn’t something you can tackle on your own at home. That said, remember that the majority of Houston alcohol detox centers works quickly. They typically take you from dependency to freedom from physiological addiction in about a week. That’s a short seven days to invest in long-term recovery.

Excellent Houston Alcohol Detox Centers Offer Customized Treatments

The first couple of days are similar for everyone. You experience withdrawal symptoms and alternate between hopelessness, frustration, and resolve to stick it out. Many facilities offer medication-assisted treatment that makes withdrawal pain free. Some centers give you the option to go holistic the whole way and not rely on pharmacological support.

After the initial two days, there’s going to be customization of your care protocol. Options could include:

  • Medical detox that allows for the admission of medications as well as nutrient-rich solutions to stabilize your body
  • Group therapy that encourages you to explore your feelings about drinking and quitting
  • Addiction education, which helps you understand how the drug affects your mind, body, and spirit
  • Family counseling, which begins the process of reconnecting with loved ones

Choosing a Facility that Supports Clinical Care

The alcohol detox Houston residents participate in consists of medical care. It empowers you to stop abusing the drug. Similarly, it helps you break the physical addiction. You can now function without having a drink first thing in the morning.

Some Houston alcohol detox centers also offer clinical care on their campuses. You move seamlessly from medical care to rehab. This process is crucial for dealing with the psychological addiction. Most importantly, it prevents future relapse.

Facilities that don’t offer clinical care should help you find this level of continued treatment. Some have relationships with good-quality rehab centers and help you make the move. Others refer you to several facilities that you can then interview. No matter what setup you select, remember that clinical care is the game changer you still need.

How Enrollment in Detox Works

You connect with one of the Houston alcohol detox centers that have all the amenities you want. An intake counselor runs the insurance verification that helps you understand your benefits. Next, you set up an appointment to meet with a counselor and discuss checking in. Call Houston alcohol detox centers today.

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